Frequently Asked Questions

ARMADA EVS (Electronic Vehicle Systems) has been in business since 2010 to bring the most exciting brand of electronic vehicles and toys.

Since the inception of ARMADA EVS, our purpose was simply to bring the best combination of quality, value and performance electric toys/vehicles as well as offer unparalleled service and technical support to meet the demands of our customers and dealers.

We also pride ourselves in having all of the essential parts in stock so that they are available if required.

We aren't just a motorsports dealer with an electric scooter department, we specialize only in all electric toys/vehicles and uphold the inventory to support them.

1Are Electronic Vehicles (EVs) street legal? Do I need a license or registration?
Classified as an Electric Assisted Bicycle, you don't need a license or registration to ride them but must abide by the rules of the road and bicycle laws. See the M.A.C. Laws section of this website for full set of rules and regulations.
2Can you ride your EV in the rain or snow?
Yes you can ride your EV in the rain but refrain from riding in heavy rainfall unless absolutely necessary. Do not ride in deep water that could submerge your wheels above the axle. The rear axle is where the wiring goes into your motor so you should not get water inside.
3I don’t ride in winter, what should I do with the batteries?
If you prevent the batteries from remaining empty for longer periods of time, they will last much longer. So be sure to charge your batteries at least once per month. Do not let your batteries freeze or overcharge. It will damage them.
4How can I get best performance from the batteries?
To condition your new batteries you should charge them and drain them 5-10x. Do not overcharge more than 8 hours or over discharge. Batteries also should not be frozen or else they will be damaged. If you ride a lot, we recommend charging wherever you go whenever possible.
5How often do I have to charge the batteries?
Like your mobile device, the full charge will get you furthest. You can charge at any time but the batteries can be recharged even if they aren’t completely empty, so you can recharge your batteries whenever it is convenient for you. As stated above, if you ride a lot, we recommend charging wherever you go whenever possible. But like your mobile device, the battery does not have to be full charged in order to use.
6How long does it take to fully charge the batteries?
That is dependent on the battery's current charge level. Completely empty batteries will take 6-8 hours to charge with a standard charger. Chargers will stop charging when the battery is fully charged. Do not charge more than 8-10 hours or it will damage the batteries.
7How do I get parts for my scooter?
One of our fundamental goals when starting this company besides bringing the best combination of quality, performance and value was the service and support for our customers. Availability of parts was at the top of the list of things we pride ourselves in here at ARMADA EVS (Electronic Vehicle Systems). We have all the parts you need to keep you up and running if you need them. In the rare circumstance it is out of stock we can get it.
8Do you sell batteries?
We sell batteries both lithium and lead acid. We also stock lots of chargers as well.
9What are the shipping costs?
Delivery cost is dependent on where you need the item(s) delivered. Call/Text/Email us to arrange. We also deliver and ship parts.
10What is the range of your Electronic Vehicles?
Depending on the model you can see the specs on the item pages
11How do I plug in my EV to charge it?
All you need to do is plug the charger into the EV then the charger into any standard power outlet.
12Do you sell helmets, locks and other safety and security gear?
Yes. Please contact us if any special requirements.
13Can I safely wash my ARMADA Electronic Vehicle?
Yes, but just don’t use a pressure washer on electrical parts. Warm soap and water with a light hose rinse will be fine. But don't worry, all the major electrical components are protected under the plastic body panels.



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