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Introducing the new SportTracker

Designed specifically to track any powered sports equipment or vehicle in real time. The SportTracker uses minimal vehicle draw and is water resistant; with its small design and built-in antenna the device can be secured and hidden almost anywhere. This state of the art modem is 3G and facilitates over the air upgrades/ updates and includes a 6-month warranty. The Sport Tracker tracks in real-time while in motion with 3 minute live updates and provides 8 hour check-ins when idle. Never lose track of anything important and don't wait until it's too late!

This bundle includes 1 x SportTracker device, 1 x installation/power cable, 1 x SIM card. WhereSafe.com service is $12.95 / month or $139.95 / year. You will get the option to pick a service plan when activating the device.

For a LIMITED TIME: Get a $40.00 hardware rebate when Activating on a Yearly plan (at the time of Activation), making your first year of service only $99.95!

- Dimensions: 2.68in x 1.6in x 0.8in
- Operating Temp: -20C to +55C (-4F To 131F)
- Band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
- Battery: 3.7V 250mAh Li-ion
- Battery Weight: 1 oz.

• Real-time
• Water-resistant
• Affordable and accurate GPS tracker
• Internal dual GPS and Cellular antenna
• Low power and battery management modes
• Back-up battery
• Requires installation

• All data and wireless service
• US roaming service
• 2 smartphone monitor apps (handset licenses)
• Built-in safety notifications
• Intelligent 24/7/365 monitoring

Why WhereSafe?
• WhereSafe has been built from over 16 years in-market research and innovation.
• WhereSafe is an affordable asset protection and family safety device with low monthly fees, that cost less than $3 per week.
• WhereSafe is simple to use. Simply download our app to your smartphone and you are ready to go.
• WhereSafe is real-time tracking versus on demand passive tracking. It is always tracking and will let you know if you need to know so you don't have to constantly monitor.


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